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Are two monitors required to use the iGo Figure Software?

No, you do not need two monitors to use the iGo Figure software. However, your experience, as well as your members’ experiences, will be greatly enhanced by this convenience. Tracking attendance, messaging your members when they scan-in, alerting members of their weigh-and-measure day, and reminding members when monthly or annual payments are due will be much easier with two monitors.

Do I have to buy a computer from Go Figure?

While it’s not necessary to purchase your computer through Go Figure, it makes running the software easier if you do. The computers purchased through Go Figure are guaranteed to provide you with the system requirements to properly function with the software.

I have a back office space in my club. Can I network two computers together?

Yes! There is no charge for additional networked workstations in the same facility. In general, you will be adding an avoidable level of complexity and cost to your club that is not necessary. You can have one computer in your office while simply connecting a long monitor extension cable and bar code scanner extension cable to have our member attendance screen up to 30 feet (10 meters) away. In this way, your members can still scan in, while you enjoy the privacy of your office for administrative purposes.

How far can I have the monitor seen by customers from my computer?

You can place your Attendance Screen up to 30 feet (10 meters) from your computer. The USB laser bar code scanners and monitors come with 6 feet (2 meters) of cable each. To reach up to 30 feet, it would be necessary to purchase extension cables.

What kind of monitor does Go Figure recommend?

Go Figure does not recommend any specific brand of monitor, and we have found that most brands, regardless of price, seem to work fine. You may want to consider the thinner and lighter LCD (flat screen) models to help save on counter space.

I have a laptop computer. Will it support two monitors the way iGo Figure uses them?

Most likely a laptop will not support the dual monitor functionality. Although your laptop may allow you to plug in an additional monitor, it may not be able to display a different image than what is on your laptop’s screen. Contact the laptop manufacturer to confirm its capabilities for dual monitors.

I am currently an iGo Figure Version 2 user and I’d like to experience Version 3 at my club before I commit to it. Is that possible?

Yes! You can install Version 3 on your computer, test it out with your data and even conduct training on it before you begin using it to run your club. A few important things to note about the evaluation period:

  • Version 2 and Version 3 will operate as two completely separate programs once they are both installed. Version 3 will make a copy of your Version 2 database for you to be able to see how it works with actual member data. However, any edits you make in Version 3 are NOT available in Version 2. Be sure to continue to update your members’ information in Version 2 until you’re ready for all employees to use Version 3. You can re-migrate your data from Version 2 to Version 3 at that time so you are sure to have the most updated data file.

  • Once you have commited to using Version 3 and begin making changes to your data, you cannot migrate your data back to Version 2.

  • You can install Version 3 on a different computer with no data or a copy of your existing data simply to see how the software works.

  • We do not recommend having both Version 2 and Version 3 open and running on the same computer at the same time.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Technical Support Team at 877-GO FIGURE.

How are orders shipped?

We ship all orders via Federal Express Ground unless otherwise requested by the purchaser. If desired, you will be able to select expedited shipping during the checkout process.

Which credit cards does Go Figure accept for purchases?

Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express

What kind of software training is available?

Go Figure offers comprehensive online training at www.igolearning.com to make it easy to train your staff. Here you can find the software manuals, video clips, teleconferences and web-based learning tools. All of this information is free to Go Figure customers.

Is iGo Figure an accounting program, or do I need to buy something like QuickBooks?

The iGo Figure software is designed to be a membership and facility administrative tool. It is not an accounting software package because there are already many effective business accounting software packages on the market, and many of them are designed to deal with the different tax laws. A product such as Quick Books can accomodate these needs using the information that is easily exported from iGo Figure into Microsft Excel and then imported into an accounting program. Additionally, iGo Figure provides reports on sales and taxes that will be helpful when entering data into the accounting program of choice.

Do I need an internet connection to use the iGo Figure software?

A high speed internet connection is required when using iGo Figure Web Version. All of your data will be accessed through the web. If you install the iGo Figure Software on the computer(s) at your facility, an internet connection is not required. However, if you wish to use any of the integrated payment processing or retention management services, a high speed internet connection is required.

I’m concerned about storing customers’ bank and credit card information in my computer. How can I be sure it’s not accessed by unauthorized people?

The iGo Figure Software is one of the only membership management software programs certified to meet the strict PCI and PABP standards for managing customer payment information. Whether you choose iGo Figure Web Version or the locally installed software, you can be assured that all account numbers in a customer’s record are encrypted and only the last four digits of an account number are displayed on screen. This makes it impossible for anyone to simply look at the screen and view your customer’s private information. Only managers and/or owners’ passwords will allow access to change and/or update a customers’ banking information. As with all passwords, keep this information confidential to avoid security breaches.

How secure is EFT and credit card processing through iGo Figure?

All data is encrypted and transmitted over a secured internet connection.

Is there any way to manage check drafts electronically?

Yes, iGo Figure’s Electronic Funds Transfer processing works right from within the software so there’s no extra paperwork and no need to find another company to manage these transactions.

We’d like to have ads at the top of the customer’s Attendance Screen to promote the products that we sell at the facility. How do I add them?

Simply upload the ad that you have created. Not sure on how to do so? No problem, the iLearning Center has a great video for you to watch, plus a step by step guide that you can utilize to created an add in not time. Plus let Your Member Sign-In Screen work for You! Ask local businesses to pay YOU to advertise on your Member Sign-In Screen. Charge $30.00 a month for each ad and put $60.00 in your pocket.* Use this extra cash to pay your monthly bills.
Watch our "iLC 203 - Sign-In Screen Advertising" video to learn more! Ask any restaurant, nail salon, realtor, day care or any other type of business to increase their revenue by advertising on your Member Sign-In Screen. Click here to download our quick guide. *You decide on what to charge. Go Figure designed this feature to help you pay your monthly expenses. Don't forget to watch the video link above to learn how to use this great feature.

Does iGo Figure handle credit card charging?

Yes, credit card payments can occur directly from within the iGo Figure software so you don’t have to purchase or lease a credit card machine to process your point of sale purchases and monthly drafts. Also, you can securely store you customer’s credit card information inside the software.

I’ve heard there’s a way to retain members at our health club, but I don’t understand how it works?

Retention Management® carefully monitors health club member attendance patterns through the iGo Figure software and sends personalized emails to new and existing members based on the member’s attendance frequency. Retention Management adheres to the “emailing best practices” standards and only sends emails to existing customers. It does not send email to any prospective customers. To learn more or to get started using Retention Management, visit igoconnect.com.

Does the iGo Figure Software allow me to schedule appointments?

Yes! Not only can you display your class schedule online, members can register for classes and you can even accept payment for them (if applicable). You can also schedule appointments with personal trainers and even show your employees their work schedules using a single system. This is done through our integration with Onlinebooking.com. Ask a member of our Sales team for more information.

I would like to keep my club door locked at all times. Is there a way members can get in without requiring a doorbell?

Yes, use the door access feature integrated with the iGo Figure Software and your members simply swipe a valid keytag to unlock the door.

I would like to expand my club hours but don’t want to add staff hours. Is there anything you can do to help?

Use the door access feature integrated into the iGo Figure Software and your members can unlock the club door with a valid keytag swipe. Members will be glad they can workout and you’ll be able to make it happen without the cost of adding staff!

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