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By james lee
Sep 20 2022


By Kevin Kelly
Sep 12 2022

I paid $100.00 in March. Your system says I don't exist. I haven't had any e mails are anything. You took my money, I have a ref # and that's it ????? Just wondering.

KP Kelly

By Rock S. Wilson
Jul 26 2022

Why is there no way to contact customer support by phone available for Starlink?

By Lauretta r zucchetti
Jul 25 2022

Got Starlink at the beginning of June, in Italy.
Arrived after a month, mounted it and... nothing!
Even after paying two consecutive invoices of 100 euros each for the maintenance fees. and the worst part is that to return it one has to do it before the 30 days are up. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER!!! Who is going to pay me back all the money I spent (over 1,000$). It gave the signal prior to installing it, once installed it had no connection to anything. If you are thinking of buying it you will be taking a BIG RISK because no one will be there to help you resolve your problem in case it doesn't work.

By Thomas Bickell
Jul 05 2022

My modem has failed. I am connected but no internet signal. All lights function and connections are secure. This happened on June 26, 2022 and continues to this day. No response from Starling customer service.

By Jim Beck
Jun 24 2022

If you are considering buying into the Starlink fiasco, don't do it. My service has been out for days and there is NO tech support - just a black hole.

By B Matson
Jun 21 2022

I need to reset my password. Please send me a link

By sarah Jones
Jun 16 2022

We had starlink dish fitted Monday and i was hoping it would be amazing and i would be able to listen to a meeting online with no interruptions, BUT.. Meeting today i was thrown out of WIFI at least 15 times. ?? Help please

By harris linda
Jun 13 2022

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By Ronnie Hoff
Jun 01 2022

I am an existing customer who loves my Starlink.

Loved it so much that I bought another one for our new lakehouse on a new lot. Six months after I got it, we are just now trying to hook it up but it will not recognize the lakehouse address of
230 County Road 2102 Bremen, AL 35033.

Do I need to buy another one for RV/mobile use and return the one I have that doesn’t work or what?

Please advise . . .

By Erika Miller
May 31 2022

I checked my service address a couple of weeks ago and it said "coming to your area in 2023", so I entered all my information (I'm moving in a month so put my new address). I entered my credit card for the $99 deposit.
Next day I was shocked wondering why my checking account was nearly empty. Starlink charged the entire amount of $697.00 and said processing for shipping! Well, then it was very difficult to find how to change the address because I'm still at my old address. I kept changing it in my account on the website, but it would revert back to the one I used when I first set up the account. So, my Starlink got shipped out and I didn't really need it for another two months -- when I'll be arriving at my final destination. Still, every time I log in, it's got the wrong address. I'm really nervous about this -- NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, inaccurate information, and I'm not sure with this kind of service if this whole system is going to be a complete fail, go out of business and waste of my money. I'm sorry I didn't use my credit card to at least I have some recourse to file a dispute with my credit card company. I'm not having a very good feeling about this, but originally thought it would be the answer to my dreams since I am going to live around the country (I paid extra for the RV package). It states you need to change your service address as you move around, but good luck finding out how to do that successfully I think. Maybe once I get my kit the ap will be move useful than the website.
For someone who is so "futuristic" the fact you can't get a useful website and live customer service is very concerning.

By Dave
May 27 2022

After waiting over a year to get Starlink, the service was great for two months. Now after 1 thunderstorm it’s down for the last 3 days. Customer service is nonexistent. What a letdown. It is impossible to run a business these days, especially an e-commerce business, without internet. Hope those supposed astronauts don’t need any help after takeoff.

May 24 2022

Hi, We are working on a project for deploying medical assistance and support in crisis areas like in defense and national security scenarios.
The project is in development by our company in partnership with the italian Military Red Cross and Milan University, so we'd like a contact to find the possibility to cooperate with your company on this project

By Edward Bibber
May 22 2022

I would like Starlink. But I need to run a test call to your support team at 9pm Saturday. What number do I call. If they answer I will proceed. Everyone should complain if there is no phone number.

May 19 2022

need a phone number for support

By johnel Ridesatthedoor
May 11 2022

My government email will not reset my pass word I'm trying to pay my bill
I need to use a different email [emailprotected] this one should work I paid a 100 in oct 21 what is your number

By jan
May 11 2022

customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Our internet worked great for a month then Kaboom! The elec went out and now no internet. It's been 5 days and no response to emails... Im going to try to call right now.......;no answer.....HmmmmWill try again tomorrow

By Marcus Hennessy
Apr 13 2022

I smell a class action lawsuit in the future

By Doug Clark
Mar 23 2022

Ordered Starlink over a year ago with promise of late 2021 then early 2022. Still not able to access Starlink. Just received email indicating the cost has been increased yet we do not have access. When will we get access and will it be at the price when we signed up or the increased cost as currently indicated? Frustrated since it has been over a year without access, areas close to us have access but we do not, and now will potential have to more than what we were quoted when we signed up. Seems very unfair all the way around. please let me know the answers to my questions soon since my current situation will be up fr renewal soon. Doug Clark 102 NE Eagle View Dr. Tahuya, WA. 98588, 360-275-5614. Also, please provide a phone number that I can contact you all person to person Thanks.

By Sharon Gracia
Mar 22 2022

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By Nick Franchino
Mar 21 2022

Absolutely terrible customer service. I’ve had horrible speeds for two weeks and they do nothing to help. I take that back, they did something, they blamed me.

I get the same copy/paste reply: check your cables, check for obstructions, make sure your box is upright.

They’re a flipping joke.

By john mcmahon
Mar 15 2022

trying to order starlink but it won't accept my address. but after seeing the number of problems and experiencing how freaking hard it is to contact any form of support.... maybe i won't bother

By Jim Meese
Mar 12 2022

I paid my fees in sept. 2021 but have not heard when I will receive my kit ,,,, my friends order later than I did and they got theirs. Am I missing something here would appreciate you let me know why.

By Jim Ford
Feb 28 2022

Put my reservation in May 2021 and was notified that all was ready to confirm the order in early February 2022. Two weeks went by before shipping and then a week of ship time. All went well on installation and even though I had obstructions I was able to connect and watch a 4k streaming show. After 2-4 hours the router shutoff. Cycled power and unit would search, connect, and shut off. Put in a support ticket, even though the link is not observable, had to do an Internet search to find the link. has been six hours and no response from StarLink. Need a little more work by Starlink to get above 2 1/2 stars out of 5

By Jeff Coble
Feb 27 2022

How the hell do I TALK to someone at Starlink about changing email address and password on an order? Account was hacked and no longer a working email address.

By Daniel Reirdon
Feb 21 2022

Ordered my Kit Mid 2021 and was told it would be in my area late 2021, That was changed without notice to beginning to mid 2022. Yes customer service would be considered bad if there was ANY. There Is absolutely NO Customer service So no Rating.
About ready to request deposit back this is a retarded company!

By Jeanine M Hibbard
Feb 09 2022

Just placed an order for Starlink. It's telling me "expected in my area late 2022" ---- both my neightbors already have Starlink, so ITS ALREADY in my area. I'm confused. Why the hold up?

By Brenda G Anderson
Jan 28 2022

I have been waiting since Oct 2020. Starlink had no problem taking my deposit of $99 and the only thing I received was an order confirmation. That's it. It's been over 15 months now and still nothing. No way to contact anyone or service department to get answers. I believe we have all been scammed. I think it's time to talk to the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General. Not sure if there is anything they can do but I will give it a try.

By A F H Demo
Jan 19 2022

Zero customer service.
Ordered in July of 2021. Waiting…
Need some customer support Musk!!!

By Chris
Jan 15 2022

I ordered in July of 2021, received an update in Jan 2022 which supposedly informs me I SHOULD have service available this year. I agree with everyone here, this is no way to run a business. Even if you email support from the Starlink Web page, you never receive a reply.
If I has to rate Starlink for customer service/Sat I would give them a -100.

By Christina Redbreast
Jan 13 2022

Please call i can't set up my address i need to talk to someone i can't find your number on your web page
call me ASAP I have been trying to set this for a week it doesn't wanna work
705-864-0174 is my work number
249-319-0142 is my home number

By John Wagner
Jan 12 2022

I have lost my password to install another television. Can someone help me so I can connect to starlink?

By shawn austin
Jan 11 2022

i am having an issue with getting your service. I need to talk to a person!

By shawn austin
Jan 07 2022

I cant get past the address portion in the sign up for Starlink. This happens alot with my physical address. You people wont get back to me, and all your reviews are how awful your customer sevice is. Can you reply. how about posting a phone number.

By Tom Francis
Jan 07 2022

I finally got my Starlink kit. Installed no problem and worked great for about a month. Now it has quit working and I have been waiting a week with No response from Customer Support. Please, what do I do, How can I contact someone?
Cancel your orders people!

By shawn austin
Jan 04 2022

you people have terrible customer service. i am trying to buy starlink but it won't accept my address. can you help? wow such terrible terrible customer service

By Cliff Krueger
Nov 22 2021

I ordered on Sept 1, 2021. Money taken from card, received a confirmation.
When I ordered the web site had on it mid to late 2021. Now if I start to place an order again (only way you get any sort of update) it has that in my are it will be start to mid 2022.
What I am finding is they have no idea at all if it will ever be available on any sort of real bases.
This is pretty much the very worst company for just trying to get any sort of real update I have ever dealt with.

Not sure how long into 2022 I will wait for an update before I just ask for a refund and forget the Starlink even exists.

By Michael Bednarz
Nov 16 2021

What gives? You certainly don't. Ordered Feb. 10, 2021, confirmed order. Confirmation Email said mid to late 2021. Well that is by and almost gone now. Inexcusable lack of customer service and communication. There is no way to email, call, chat or fling a booger at you. Come on Elon, this is no way to run a business. The rate this is going, Brandon will bring me high speed before you do. Ord-196781-20733-94

By Dale Toms
Nov 06 2021

Ordered on September17th, 2021, order # ORD14193607386750, paid my deposit and it was charged to my card, no acknowledgement from Starlink. I read everywhere mid to late 2021, I am in a rural area with no options but satellite.
Are you on track to deliver or do I have to sign up with someone else for a 2 year contract?
Hate to beg, but can you please contact and provide a date when you can ship my kit?

By Bob
Nov 05 2021

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Why is the Satellite Dish so expensive? It can't possibly cost anywhere near the $500.00 they are charging. This leaves out many that just can't afford $500.

By Yvan Dolan
Oct 21 2021

I placed an order for a Starlink account on feb. 10th 2021
I have 2 of my neighbours who ordered
on feb . 8th 2021 and received their satellite
about a month ago ???

--Just liked to know if it's coming soon???
Getting desperate for a better internet !!!

By Rodrick Smart
Oct 20 2021

I ordered Starlink many months ago and you took the deposit out of my account and I have not heard anything about when I might get it. No contact phone number.

By Willis McCraw
Oct 13 2021

I see lots of the same issues here but no responses. I ordered in April 2021, paid deposit, told I would get updates, then nothing. Not a thank you, not a screw you, not a single peep. Cant get the app to work. Cant find a phone number. Looks like a scam to cover losses on Tesla. Contacting attorney tomorrow.

By Steve Maimone
Oct 08 2021

We signed up and paid $99.00 in March. When will we be contacted or how do we contact Starlink?

By C Bowen
Oct 07 2021


I signed up for Startlink a few months ago. You took my money. You have not sent me the antenna kit or any other correspondence.
I know you are in my area. You have not email or support service on your web site so no one can reach out to you.
I am beginning to think you are just another scammer.

By Zekkethal Vargas-Thomas
Oct 04 2021

I had to change my email and phone what I used for my star link. I need help in updates my account.

By Emilio Pitre
Sep 19 2021

It’s been a while since I applied to get Starlink service in my area. I have placed my deposit, and I haven’t received any word of when I should expect services in my area? I’ve tried your app, and unable to get updates. When I initially apply I was told that I would get notified in the beginning of September. No word as yet?

By Jim Belt
Sep 17 2021

Well after reading a number of comments above, I find that I am not alone. I ordered starlink Feb 10, 2021, two days after the initial offering. I
have , like so many others, would really love to have someone say hello, at least acknowledge I am on a list or something that tells me the wait is over/almost over. It would make my day.... zip 72...

By Mike
Sep 16 2021

It comes up with the wrong postal code for my address which concerns me a little but my main concern is that it won't ship to my po box. Alot of rural people that need this don't get mail delivery because they are a ways out of town. If you won't let me get it at where I have to pay to even be able to get my mail then how am I supposed to get it? I do want to finally be able to get internet at my home and this seems like it will be a good service but I am also concerned with the amount of people saying there is 0 customer service, customer service goes a long ways for me.

By Ronald Cawthon
Sep 16 2021

I paid 99$ several months ago and have not received any dish or word from Starlink. Did I just get scammed by Elon Musk?

By Alastair Gordon
Sep 10 2021

I placed my order and paid to get in line for Starlink on May 5 2021. I have been assigned an ORDER number and an ACCOUNT number, but have heard nothing since then. There is no terrestrial service where I am located, and the only provider is via the cellular network whose speed and reliability are both terrible. I barely have 1-3 Mb/s down and less than 1 Mb/s up. My monthly bandwidth limit is 30 GB, after which I have to pay $4/GB or endure throttling down to near-dial-up speeds. I am very technical, and should be the perfect customer for Starlink. Please Elon, send me my dish!

By A F H Demo
Sep 07 2021

Pre-ordered and deposit applied. Please send equipment!! It is now September 2021. I need to install the equipment before the snow flies, please! Any information on an ETA would be extremely helpful. Please help

By Dave Crockett
Sep 07 2021

Hi, Just wanted to make sure I did not get your email as spam and accidentally deleted it. I have not received any information since Feb. I signed up on Feb 23 and have friends in the area that signed up after me that now have the service. Did I miss your email or call? Please reply and give me an update. Zip is 98841. Patiently waiting for your awesome internet service. Thanks

By Howard Bramer
Sep 05 2021

I signed up in february and would like an update when service will be available in my area(zip code 88310) and when will equipment be available for purchase, can't wait to gey starlink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By barr breckenridge
Sep 01 2021

would appreciate my equipment.ordered in july and its way past the wait time.Others in the area have recieved the equipment and I would like to have mine.please help and send my equipment.Currently able to get 1 to 5 mbs a second when promised 25 and it never happens.At times only kbs!! please send my equipment I will be grateful, trying to be patient but need you guys to send it, please

By Leah Babcock
Aug 31 2021

It keeps asking for a password for an account. I have yet to figure out where to set up an account.
Paid my $99 dollars.

By Michael Decker
Aug 20 2021

Same as above. Paid deposit, got congratulatory email, no equipment, no customer support number, etc. Friends have it locally say it’s great. Hey Elon, I’d say it’s between mid and late 2021. What gives?

Frustrated in 18431

By doug lemay
Aug 17 2021

like most people pre-ordered early feb. got confirmation e-mail and nothing since. mid to late 2021 is a little vague. a better timeline would be nice. cannot wait to dump xpoornet

By Michael McGivney
Jul 30 2021

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They have taken my deposit twice. I canceled once because no response changed emails and tried again, still no response. Their service sucks big time...

By tim warner
Jul 26 2021

Orderd mine in the beginning of the year.Sent an e-mail to Starlink,that said we would love to hear from you,but got no response.After taking reserve payment,they said I would receive my equipment late summer,early fall.Would be nice to get an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Marla Littlefield
Jul 23 2021

I signed up, and cancelled, two times before I finally signed up for the third time. I had to use a different email each time. They have taken my payment but I cannot locate an email from Starlink. I have searched all of my email accounts. Does anyone know how to contact a real person at Starlink?

By Les Bannon
Jul 20 2021

I've been waiting since Feb.10. I even know people in my area who now have it. I don't want to have to cancel and start over, but I really want to tell charter ( now spectrum ) to stick it! WHEN will I get my service????

Jul 13 2021

Deposit paid Feb.2021
How long to receive equipment?
The internet/cell device sucks where I am.
Please help.

By Pamela Bauer
Jun 30 2021

Order was confirmed May 2. I’m still waiting for the equipment. When will it arrive???
My niece lives less than a block away and has hers. She says the service is fabulous!

By Tamara Butterfield
Jun 14 2021

I registered for Starlink, but I have not received email confirmation or any contact, thus I have not way of getting into my account to see what is happening. My credit card was charged. I am worried I made an mistake on my email or something.

By Caldwell
Jun 13 2021

Hey I'm locked out! What the hell. I've have requested for 3 days and NOTHING! NOW I love the connection...but I need to get into my account.. and I'm NOT paying a 3rd party to connect me🤬🤬🤬

By Jamie Calvert
Jun 10 2021

I have ordered and first payment has been taken, Just wondering were I am in the que for delivery?

By Gerald McCully
Jun 08 2021

Can ask you help me?

I have an original Order Number: ORD-782747-97190-8
I have no further emails, I could log in once, I can no longer log-in, reset password, nor contact customer service.

I contact - I get no email reesponse.

By Jeremy Brydges
Jun 05 2021

Does anyone know how to get ahold of customer support. Don’t give me a link. Give me a # I can call from Canada, or an email address.

By Connie Miller
Jun 04 2021

I signed up about the internet in Dec 2020. I received an email. Now I have signed up and paid the 99.00. It processed that day. I am unable to contact anybody when I call the number. I desperately need internet. When will I get the equipment or get notification to pay the rest of amount? Thank you.

By Ken Christian
Jun 04 2021

I got order confirmed but never got an email for receipt or set up account
My ACC-629274-38938-78.

By Kendra
Jun 04 2021

Paid in beginning of march. We know the service would work fine with unobstructed views to the sky all around. Any way of getting an update on equipment delivery?

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Customer Account: ACC-432403-29190-54

By Matthew Lee
Jun 03 2021

Hello. Order mine along time ago. Pay my deposit Told neighbors about it and they order and received their starling already. Please advise. Account number acc 391413-16499-67

By Vernon R Fowler
Jun 01 2021

Starlink pulled the $99 from my account on April 13, 2021. I since have changed email addresses. Tried to change email on my starlink account. I'm now locked out of my account. When I request a reset I never get the request through email or phone text. I don't know if my order is lost or what to do next to correct the problem.

By Carter Cumby
May 31 2021

I’m in the same boat as everyone else paid for spot for acceptance when the service will be available in my area and haven’t heard anything. Hmm wondering if they are using our deposits, witch seems to be thousands off customers to gain interest on the money?

By Joseph Snowgold
May 29 2021

Hi we live in North dallas Texas (Denton county) and we have been tring to get a contact Tele number for starllink Internet service. We have heard nothing but great reviews about service and connectivity.

By Jesse Freis
May 29 2021

Wondering the status of our order
Been over a year since we paid.

By John
May 29 2021

We ordered and paid our deposit in early March 2021, have not heard a thing since! If so some reason the system will not work in my area please return my deposit and if it will work (like I know it does for others in my area) a response to a ship date would be nice.
The app also appears to be useless no way to contact or even request a refund and stop delivery!
You would think a reputable company would be a little more professional and really wonder why the need to be so evasive!!

By james risi
May 27 2021

Ordered starlink back in April, I have not heard any news, there are no support numbers to call. I would just like to know the ETA for equipment, I need to have the internet and would really like to use this service but I can't wait forever... Thx, Jim Risi

3025 Horshoe Road
Battle Mountain, NV 89820
775 397 1280

Thursday, April 8, 2021
Customer Account: ACC-510507-85183-60

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By William Hoyt
May 25 2021

I ordered my skyline satellite more than 2 months ago you took my 99$ deposit out of my account but there is no way fir me to know when I’m houngan to receive my order my neighbors have all got there satellites but I haven’t where is my order I really need it soon

By Criswell Paul
May 22 2021

Lost internet today, reset but still not working

May 20 2021

Ordered and received conformation on March 3rd. Friends and relatives in my area ordered at approx. the same time and are up and running and happy with the service. When can I expect my equipment ?

By john kibsey
May 18 2021

This is my second message to Starlink. I have applied several months ago for the service and NOTHING. I don't expect miracles but I know several people who are receiving it after a month of signup. If you are vetting and plan to put me on the backburner please let me know so I can pick up another service besides useless bell. Again my ph # is 204 8072220. Phone call is best as my internet rarely reliable. Thanks!

By Mike Mancuso
May 18 2021

like others I have placed a pre-order, but no idea when the order will be processed. Would be nice to get some information or call someone.

By Bradley key
May 17 2021

My Satellite quit working it worked fine for several months and this last one just quit the router has a red light on it I reset it and unplugged it for 24 hours and it still will not work

By Tommy Baudendistel
May 17 2021

Ordered on Feb 8th. Still pending. Any way to get an update? Others in my area have received theirs and ordered after I did... Outside Farmersville Ohio has only 4g or even slower DSL. PLEASE HELP!

By Herbert Mason Jr
May 16 2021

I pre-ordered Starlink on 2-10-21 and have not heard a word, did they forget about me? When will I get it?

By Ron Huber
May 16 2021

Paid my 99.00 over 2 months ago, others in my area of Livingston Montana have Star Link. I have still not received kit, just a conformation for deposit. Please advise.

Thank you

By Joseph Alessi
May 16 2021

Ordered months ago. No way to contact anyone. What kind of business is this???

By Scotti Oliver
May 13 2021

I am writing on behalf of a rural public library in Maryland. We wondered if we could speak with a representative about creating a community internet service for our library and partner with our Emergency Operations Center.

Scotti Oliver
Asst. Director
Talbot County Free Library, Easton, MD 21601

By Bert Brown
May 12 2021

I am having the same issue with not knowing when to expect my shipment. No confirmation of deposit other than we know they have our deposit because the money is out of our account, no contact information. I’m sending this on my iPhone since our internet with signal booster has been down for 2 days and in and out every 15-20 minutes for the last several months. Please be a little more professional.

By Anthony Nichols
May 12 2021

I ordered my star-link kit March 17. 2021. Is there a problem with shipping? I have not herd anything since I placed my order.

By Jon Chandler
May 09 2021

There are no good contact emails. I have tried for months to contact them and not one response. Not sure I can sign up for a service with noone to ever contact. Maybe too much money to care! I will not be ordering. Will just use cell booster antenna like before for what I need. Good luck to all that have the unit.

By Jay Kristola
May 07 2021

I want to order Starlink, but am not able to get the website to load. Is the website down? Is there another way for me to order?

By Jennifer Miller
May 07 2021

Ordered and put deposit on Starlink 2-18-21 still waiting to hear from you for equipment shipping. Would like to be contacted please.

By William Dahl
May 05 2021

I would sure like an update on expected delivery date for my order. Any info would be great been waiting months.

By Paul Thellab
May 03 2021

In Early-Feb. 2021: I paid $200.00 down payment to receive (Starlink) at my cottage. My neighbor was on the BETA program and all is working great at his place.. We are in a good zone for Starlink (transmission). Customer Service (PHONE or Email)?? No one seems to have any contacts on the 30-40 sites I went to.. Question: Is there a way to find out if my order is being processed? Timeline: It would be nice to have an estimate : EX: Will Starlink give us an update (Feb. order): Internet in 3x Months, 6x Months, 1 Year? Can someone please send me a contact number, Email, or get back to me via (anyway you want)... Sincerely, Paul Thellab (506) 863-3772.. [emailprotected]

By Sarah Booker
May 02 2021

We have star link and it has been working great but suddenly we are having trouble.
None of our devices can “see” the router which is flashing white.
I’ve checked all the connections and cables and they all seem fine. I’ve done a 20 minute unplug too.

By Pierre Mikhail
May 01 2021

I’ve paid my $129Ca deposit for Starlink. It’s ridiculous there is no way to contact company to find out when to expect delivery.

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How do I reach out to Starlink? ›

How To Contact Starlink Customer Support
  1. Step 1: Visit the support page on the website or app.
  2. Step 2: Browse the topics for your issue.
  3. Step 3: Click the thumbs down icon.
  4. Step 4: Fill out the contact form to create a ticket.
30 Jun 2022

Is Starlink delayed? ›

SpaceX has delayed the liftoff of its next Starlink satellite batch in order to launch four astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA on Wednesday (Oct. 5).

How long does a refund from Starlink take? ›

Refunds to your account can take up to 10 days after it is processed. Visit the Support page to read frequently asked questions on payment, billing, refund or general troubleshooting.

How do I contact Starlink Australia? ›

"The Starlink customer service team may be contacted any time at, through the customer portal by logging into your account on or by calling 1800 954 824. "

Is Starlink 2022 worth it? ›

Compared with its closest satellite competitors, Viasat and HughesNet, whose speeds are five or six times slower, Starlink offers a much better user experience, and the huge rate at which its already sizable constellation of satellites is expanding means that it will only keep getting better and better.


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