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FREE Continuing Education (CE) Voucher

NAPA membership includes a FREE ExamFX voucher to meet your online insurance license state-required CE courses! Members also enjoy up to a 58% discount on all pre-licensing courses.

  • Meet your entire insurance license CE requirements online
  • Mobile compatible
  • Online courses, with simulated exams and certificate exams

Access Benefit

FREE Magazine Subscription

We’re pleased to bring you a new, complimentary benefit: an annual magazine subscription of your choice. Select from one of the dozens of leading magazine titles published today. Available as print or digital, bring outstanding content home in the way that matches your lifestyle.

  • Your NAPA voucher code gives you access to one free digital or print* magazine subscription.
  • Choose a new magazine, renew an existing subscription, gift a digital subscription or mail via United States postal to a specific address.*

*Print subscription may not be available for all titles

Access Benefit

Savings & Discounts Program

NAPA members enjoy access to local and national discounts from thousands of hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, retailers, florists, car dealers, theme parks, national attractions…

  • Access to over 100,000 discounts
  • More than $4,500 in savings
  • Offers available from over 150 national attractions and theme parks

Access Benefit

Office Supply Discounts

NAPA members enjoy access to the ODP Business Solutions national discount program. Save up to 75% off preferred products! Shop online or in stores. FREE next-day delivery on orders over $50.

  • Up to 75% off preferred products
  • 93,000 products discounted below retail pricing
  • FREE next-day delivery on online orders over $50 (excludes furniture)
  • Shop online or in-store

Access Benefit

Shipping Discounts

NAPA members enjoy access to flat rate pricing on UPS® shipping services—no matter how much you ship, when you ship, or where it’s going.

  • 10% on UPS Next Day Air® Early
  • 50% on Domestic Next Day / Deferred
  • 30% on Ground Commercial / Residential
  • UPS Smart Pickup® service for free

Access Benefit

Personal Computer Discounts

Members of NAPA are eligible to save up to 30% off the everyday public web price of the entire line of Lenovo products, including laptops, tablets, desktops, accessories and more. Members…

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  • Free ground shipping on all web orders
  • Monthly limited-time special offers
  • Access to energy-efficient green technologies
  • Award-winning service and support before, during and after your purchase

Access Benefit

Wyndham Hotel Discount

NAPA members enjoy up to 20% off the “Best Available Rate” at over 7,500 participating locations worldwide. Whether you are looking for an upscale hotel, an all-inclusive resort or…

  • Pay when you stay
  • Features TripAdvisor reviews
  • Earn Wyndham reward points
  • Easy to use hotel search tool

Access Benefit

$25 Gift Cards For Just $3

A high value, low-cost way for NAPA members to increase sales, close appointments, generate referrals, up-sell on policies, and thank top clients. 1000’s of restaurants nationwide. Only…

  • Thank Top Clients
  • Close Appointments
  • Generate Referrals
  • Up-sell on Policies

Access Benefit

Car Rental Discounts

NAPA members enjoy discounted car rentals with savings of up to 35% through Avis and Budget. Choose from thousands of locations both locally and abroad.

  • Everyday savings of up to 35% off
  • Bonus savings when combining promotional coupons
  • Earn points toward free rental days

Access Benefit

Life Insurance

NAPA members enjoy simplified purchasing of life insurance through exclusive software. Quote and apply online for life insurance in less than 10 minutes.

  • Pay for funeral costs
  • Help pay the bills and meet ongoing living expenses
  • Pay off outstanding debt, including credit cards and the mortgage
  • Finance future needs like your children’s education

Access Benefit

Preventive Health Screening

Early detection is key to prevention — Health screenings are tests that can find the presence of a potentially life-threatening disease even if you don't have symptoms.

  • The nation's leading preventive health service provider
  • Screened more than 6 million people since 1993
  • Partnered with hospitals across the country

Access Benefit

Health Insurance

Quality health insurance helps protect you and the ones you love against the unpredictable and uncontrollable health problems in life. Our exchange offers Medical, Dental, Vision, Medicare…

  • ACA compliant
  • HMO, PPO, POS, and HSA Medical Plans with subsidies available
  • Request, receive and review quotes online

Access Benefit

Group Vision Insurance

Avesis' national network of vision care providers offers NAPA members access to over 11,000 carefully selected, screened and credentialed providers at 8,000 locations.

  • One of the largest networks of participating Optometrists and Ophthalmologists
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • Toll-free service hotline

Access Benefit

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Dental Insurance

Having the right dental coverage makes it easy to visit the dentist and helps lower your costs. MetLife TakeAlong Dental offers NAPA members competitive pricing and great benefits providing…

  • Three benefit coverage levels
  • Choose any licensed dentist, in or out of the network
  • No referral needed for specialty care
  • Access to thousands of participating dental locations

Access Benefit


Telemedicine through HealthSapiens provides real-time, interactive communication between your family and a physician or health practitioner day or night via phone or video chat—and there’s…

  • ZERO per-visit charges and ZERO co-pays
  • Contact doctors by phone or video using any internet-connected device
  • Unlimited visits
  • Available anytime, including nights, weekends and holidays

Access Benefit

Prescription Discount Card

The WellCard is a FREE wellness card that gives you and your family access to pre-negotiated discounts on prescription drugs and a wide range of health care services, including Doctor…

  • Doctor Visits – Save Up To 20%
  • Dental – Save Up To 45%
  • Vision – Save Up To 50%
  • Lab – Save Up To 50%

Access Benefit

Websites For Insurance Agents

NAPA members receive 50% off the set-up fee—normally $399—and 25% off the first four months services fees for any level package.

  • Mobile-friendly web designs
  • Modern design templates
  • Drag-and-drop quote form builders
  • Integrated social media functionality

Access Benefit

Automated Referral Software

ReferMe IQ™ makes it easy for NAPA members to generate more business from client referrals and personal networks. This automated referral Intelligence goes beyond simple auto-responders and…

  • Fully automated referral process
  • Built-in incentives to drive referrals
  • Increase ROI and revenue growth

Access Benefit

Email Marketing Solution

Constant Contact®, Inc.'s email marketing and online survey tools help small businesses and organizations connect to customers quickly, easily, and affordably and build stronger…

(Video) How to Join the Association of Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service

  • Constant Management
  • Email List Building Tools
  • Mobile-friendly Templates
  • Social Media Tools

Access Benefit

Health Insurance Leads

Spend less time looking for customers and more time closing deals. Join the thousands of agents who have successfully grown their businesses by using high quality health insurance leads that convert.

  • Total control with a self-serve platform
  • High quality leads generated in-house
  • Industry leading customer service

Access Benefit

Cybersecurity Compliance & Certification

InfoSafe® makes it simple and affordable to protect your customers and your business against a data breach while getting compliant with government and industry data security regulations…

  • Assess your data breach risk and compliance status
  • Certify compliance with regulations and industry standards
  • Manage ongoing cybersecurity and compliance requirements

Access Benefit

On-Demand Tech Support

iCare Pro provides NAPA members with unlimited on-demand access to our U.S. based team of certified technicians by phone and remote connect to help prevent cybersecurity problems, eliminate…

  • Keep your computers locked down and cybersecurity compliant
  • Get immediate expert help with any computer problem
  • Stop paying big bucks for computer repairs and services

Access Benefit

Personal Identity Theft Protection

iDefend is complete personal and home cyber defense designed for working professionals and their families. More than just identity theft protection, it’s a full concierge cybersecurity…

  • Identity theft and credit protection
  • Home network & device security
  • On-demand tech support services
  • Plans start at just $6.95/mo.

Access Benefit

Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect your business against the high financial costs associated with a data breach, including legal counsel, credit notification, monitoring services, regulatory fines, forensic…

  • Easy Online Quote and Purchase Process
  • Top-Rated, Admitted Insurance Carrier
  • Access to 24/7/365 Breach Response Line

Access Benefit

Secure Email Solution

NAPA members have access to an affordable, easy way to utilize secure email encryption and end-to-end e-signatures using the Identillect email security suite.

  • Starts at just $5.95 /month
  • Recall messages at any time
  • Restrict unwanted printing and forwarding
  • Allow recipients to respond securely

Access Benefit

Home & Auto Insurance

Bundle your home and vehicle insurance to save and safeguard your essentials. Choose from multiple quotes in a matter of minutes.

A basic homeowner’s policy covers:

  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Lightning
  • Hurricanes

Access Benefit

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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance helps you protect your personal property as well as your liability from covered losses and damages for a low monthly cost.

Renters insurance offers:

  • Personal property protection
  • Liability protection
  • Reimbursed living expenses
  • Much more

Access Benefit

Home Warranty

Homeowner’s policies don’t cover appliance and home system breakdowns. Get reimbursed for 100% of covered claims.

Your plan offers:

  • A low $149 deductible
  • Savings of 20% off retail prices
  • Choice of your own contractor

Access Benefit

Pet Insurance

Protect your pet’s health at an affordable rate with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Pet insurance offers:

  • Coverage at any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada
  • No age limits
  • Hereditary and congenital coverage
  • Savings on multiple pets

Access Benefit

Identity Theft

LifeLock® uses the patented LifeLock Identity Alert system to help ensure you remain the only you. As a NAPA member, you’re eligible for a 35% LifeLock® discount with a 30-Day FREE Trial.

  • 30 Days Free and 35% off your first year
  • Monitor your credit
  • See if your personal information is sold on the dark web

Access Benefit

International Travel Insurance

50% of international travelers typically need medical care if they are away from home for more than 30 consecutive days. GeoBlue provides peace of mind to NAPA members living abroad…

(Video) Board of County Commissioners: Regular Meeting - 10.19.22

  • 24/7 Phone, Web and Mobile Support.
  • Prompt Access to Trusted Doctors and Hospitals.
  • Paperless Claims Resolution.

Access Benefit


Can I sue my letting agent for breach of contract? ›

What to do if your letting agent acts negligently or behaves contrary to what you agreed if there is clear evidence of the fact that they have done wrong, like a breach of contract, then take action immediately. The first step in the process would be to write what is known as a letter of claim.

How can a student contact AQA? ›

Our customer support team will be happy to discuss any concern you may have, please call 0800 197 7162 or email to speak to a member of our team. For any subject-specific queries, you should contact the relevant subject department who will do their best to help you.

How do I get rid of a letting agent? ›

Termination Clause

One way of doing this for the landlord, ideally in a friendly and amicable way, is to discuss and agree a once-and-for-all termination fee (equivalent to an introduction fee) which might be, for example, something like a three month or 6 month management fee equivalent.

Can a letting agent refusing to give landlord details? ›

Your agent must give you the landlord's name and address if you ask for it in writing. You can email or send a letter. They have 21 days to give you the information in writing. The council can prosecute the agent if they do not reply.

Can I sue my landlord for stress UK? ›

Yes, you can sue your landlord for stress, if this emotional distress occurred as a direct result of a housing disrepair. This is because as a tenant, your landlord has a legal duty of care towards you. This duty of care applies to private landlords, housing associations and local councils.

Where do I complain about a rental agent? ›

How to lodge a complaint. Complaints have to be lodged in person or by mail at relevant RHT offices which can be determined by looking online or by phoning 0860 106 166/ 011 355 4000/ 012 483 5020.

How do I contact the AQA exam board? ›

If you have a query or complaint please call customer services on 0800 197 7162 and we will be able to help you.

How can I get my GCSE certificates from years ago? ›

Contact an exam board to get a replacement exam certificate or certified statement of results. You cannot get a replacement certificate for an O level, CSE, GCSE or A level - your exam board will send you a 'certified statement of results' instead.

How much do AQA examiners get paid? ›

Earn between £500 and £1000 depending on the type and volume of paper you mark.

What is a section 48 notice? ›

Section 48 Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 provides that a landlord must “by notice” give the tenant an address in England or Wales where the tenant can serve notices upon the landlord. The penalty for failure is that no rent is payable until it is complied with.

Are letting agents worth it? ›

The expertise and experience of certain letting agents cannot be dismissed, especially when it comes to showcasing your property. It is important to remember that lettings agents are ultimately industry experts that help connect countless landlords and tenants through rental opportunities.

What do letting agents do? ›

The letting agent takes full control of managing all aspects of letting your property, including the services offered under tenant find and rent collection. They will correspond with the tenant throughout the tenancy, organising maintenance, inspections, check-in, check-out and any deposit disputes.

Can I sue my letting agent? ›

If your letting agent still doesn't sort out your problem after you've tried all the steps or if the council can't help, you might be able to take court action. Taking court action is expensive, make sure it's the right option for you. You might take court action, for example if: you're being illegally evicted.

How do you fail a tenant reference check? ›

A lack of proof of address can result in a failed reference check, but there are legitimate reasons why a tenant might struggle to provide these. For instance, if they are moving to the UK from abroad or if they have been living with a partner but have not been added to the utility or council tax bills.

What do letting agents check when referencing? ›

Your landlord or letting agent will ask to see your immigration documents or passport when you start or renew your tenancy. They will also ask to see the documents of any other adults living with you. They do this to check you have the right to live in the UK and to rent - this is called the 'right to rent check'.

What is classed as harassment by a landlord? ›

Harassment can be anything a landlord does, or fails to do, that makes you feel unsafe in the property or forces you to leave. Harassment can include: stopping services, like electricity. withholding keys, for example there are 2 tenants in a property but the landlord will only give 1 key.

How much compensation can I get from landlord? ›

Normally, compensation ranges between 25% to 50% of the rent of the property.

How can housing affect mental health? ›

Poor housing – with damp and mould problems, antisocial neighbours, uncertain tenancies or overcrowded conditions, for example – can worsen our mental health problems. According to a report by Shelter, one in five of us has experienced mental health issues because of housing problems.

How much does it cost to sue for breach of contract UK? ›

The court fee is based on the amount you're claiming, plus any interest. To calculate 5% of the value of the claim, take the amount you're claiming and multiply it by 0.05. If necessary, round down the result to the nearest 1 pence. The fee will be calculated for you if you make your claim online.

Can I sue my letting agent? ›

If your letting agent still doesn't sort out your problem after you've tried all the steps or if the council can't help, you might be able to take court action. Taking court action is expensive, make sure it's the right option for you. You might take court action, for example if: you're being illegally evicted.

What can you sue for in breach of contract? ›

Not paying at the agreed time will often be a breach of contract. If you can prove you suffered a financial loss, for example, having to pay overdraft fees, you can claim this back as damages. Talk to your employer first. If it keeps happening, you could try to get a court injunction to stop them repeating this breach.

What damages can I claim for breach of contract? ›

Following a contract breach, a claimant can claim compensatory damages for the below:
  • Punitive damages.
  • Loss of enjoyment/amenity.
  • Distress.
  • Loss of reputation.
  • Restitution damages.
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