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Broker NameCapital Circle Group
Broker TypeCFD Forex Broker
Broker StatusActive

Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT


Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 GMT

The Trading PlatformWeb-based
The Trading Platform Time ZoneN/A
Demo AccountNo
Mobile AppNo
Web-based TradingYes
Trading BonusesYes
Other Trading InstrumentsYes
Minimum Deposit$250
Maximal Leverage1:400

How did I get to know about this brokerage firm?

Digital Trading is known to provide generous profits to traders but also for its risky nature. After losing my job during the COIVD-19 pandemic, I decided to turn to forex trading as that was the only option for me to work from home. Despite being a beginner, I was aware of the market risks and scam brokers. I did comprehensive research to search for a platform suitable for my goals. I would not say I right away found a perfect broker. My previous trader was excellent, but I was not offered a variety of tradable assets to diversify my portfolio.

So, I again started my quest to find a new platform, and after reading reviews on the internet, I found Capital Circle Group. The website caught my attention on the first visit; it looked promising and was easy to navigate.

In my Capital Circle Group Review, I’d like to point out that numerous platforms provide various services for online trading. However, they are all not built the same way. Some are more user-friendly than others, have a broader portfolio of resources, and are more reasonably priced. Capital Circle Group is one of few brokers that provide all of these incredible services. Because of its user-friendly browser, trading on this platform has been a cakewalk for me. Furthermore, I’ve never had to worry about my questions going unaddressed because customer service is always on the call and dependable. Furthermore, the registration did not cost me a single penny!

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What was my first impression of the platform?

After reading numerous reviews online, I came up with Capital Circle Group. After confirming from a friend its authenticity, I decided to dive in. I read that the platform is a perfect site for professionals and inexperienced traders. The first visit to the website was enough to leave a good impression on me. The design, variety of tradable assets, FAQs section, and user experience appalled me.

The trading platform was easy-to-use, and I was able to discover all of the services offered by this trader. The dark theme was right to my taste. Before creating my account, I contacted the support team, and to my surprise, I got a reply within a day. The team’s response was very professional and detailed. I was very satisfied with the treatment of the customer support team, so I created my account to start trading with them.

How has my trading experience elevated with Capital Circle Group?

I will now enlist the services and features of this platform in myCapital Circle Group Reviewto describe how my trading experience elevated while working with this broker.

  • Simple and Direct Registration

I cannot ignore the registration process in my Capital Circle Group Review. The registration process is a very easy three steps straightforward process. All I needed was to click on the ‘Open an account’ option on the official website and fill in the mandatory details on the form. After entering my name, e-mail, and phone number, the next step required me to submit the form. That was all! After submitting the form, I could start trading immediately after making an account deposit. Customers can contact via Gmail, phone, or live chat.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

A good platform will always provide outstanding customer service. The customer support team of Capital Circle Group is highly professional and supportive. Whenever I faced a problem, all I would have to do was contact them via e-mail or phone call, and the team would reciprocate within 24 hours. I was able to use customer service to not only resolve technical issues but also to open my account, resolve disputes, and contact the back office and partnerships. When I was unsure which office to contact, they gave me a form to fill out, which asked for my name, e-mail address, and message. Within 24 hours, the relevant department called to discuss my problem. The customer support team was extremely courteous and never made me feel as if I was asking unnecessary questions. Furthermore, the website has a live chat option to provide instant guidance in urgent situations.

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  • Variety in Account Types

MyCapital Circle Group Reviewwill now inform you about the account types available on the platform. The broker has six offers for customers to select the account to match their needs. Each account has its own set of advantages with a set goal for successful trading. I was taken aback when I checked the accounts overviews on the official website. The account benefits, its services, and the minimum deposit were all thoroughly explained; it only took me half a day to select an account for the services I desired. The best feature is that each account holder is assigned a personal account manager after an account update. As a beginner, I began my trading with a Self-Managed Account with a deposit as low as $250. As I am earning profits now, I have updated my account to a Diamond account.

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  1. Self-Managed $250+
  2. Basic $5,000+
  3. Gold $10,000+
  4. Platinum $25,000+
  5. Diamond $50,000+
  6. VIP (Invitation Only)
  • Numerous Instruments and Tools on the Trading Platform

I’ll continue myCapital Circle Group Reviewby outlining this trader’s trading platform. The trading platform is easy to navigate. The official website is user-friendly, and the dark color scheme is ideal for late-night trading. I loved the web-based platform feature because I could access it from any of my devices. I didn’t have to download any additional software to use the trading platform, which saved storage on my phone. I have performed trades on all of my devices, including my phone, laptop, PC, and tablet, using only an internet connection. The platform has 200+ trading tools, including forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. These tools have helped me to diversify my portfolio.

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  • Convenient Withdrawal and Deposits:

The significant features that drew me to Capital Circle Group were the withdrawal and deposit options. In myCapital Circle Group Review, I would list quick deposit and withdrawal services as one of the most convenient services I encountered throughout my experience. I found several payment options, including credit card (Mastercard and Visa), wire transfer, and various forms of e-payment such as E-Wallet (APM, EFT) on the platform. The depositing process was straightforward; I first logged in to my account and navigated to the ‘Deposit’ section. I entered the amount of money I wanted to deposit after selecting the payment method I was comfortable with at the moment. A single click on the ‘Deposit’ button deposited the funds. The withdrawal method requires the same step as in the deposit method! Moreover, the platform provides withdrawal priority to its account holders, increasing with every update. The withdrawal cancel request is accepted even if the withdrawal is being processed.

Do I have any suggestions for the platform?

Yes, even though I have encountered an excellent trading experience being a Capital Circle Group client, I would like to list some suggestions. Adding these services will make the platform the best in the industry, with everything in its pocket to serve its clients.

  • Demo Accounts

There is no demo account service on the platform for clients to avail of. I would propose the platform improvising the account types and adding a demo account with virtual funds for clients to practice trading.

  • Mobile App

The web-based platform allows customers to trade on their mobile phones. However, some customers prefer trading on mobile apps. This step would be a good initiative to attract new audiences.

  • Video Tutorials

The education center of the platform has excellent informative eBooks to enhance your trading knowledge. But every trader is not accustomed to reading books. Adding video tutorials to educational resources would be perfect for saving time.

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  • Additional Languages

Adding more dialects to the website will broaden the audience of the platform.

Ending Remarks

In concluding my Capital Circle Group Reviews, I would add that this platform is ideal for every type of trader, professional or beginner. The trading tools, customized charts, and variety of assets have made the broker an efficient option in the industry. I started as a newcomer and found my way up. I want thisCapital Circle Group Reviewreaders to keep striving because this platform will help you advance your trading skills, whether you are a fresher or an expert.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my opinions and self-knowledge. It is not a recommendation.

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